5 Ways to Make your Wig Last Longer

5 Ways to Make your Wig Last Longer

1. BUY HIGH QUALITY - Buying a high quality wig is important; from the lace type to the hair type. High quality wigs with good care last a long time and will save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. Wigs should last years, not months. Investing in a high quality wig is never a bad idea. At Pieced London, we specialise in high quality affordable wigs

2. REVAMP - Do not throw away your wigs! Any wig can be refreshed and brought back to life. Revamps include a thorough wash, deep moisture treatment, colouring, add or remove tracks, replacing a frontal or closure and styling. Revamps leave your wigs looking as good as new. It is a better way to save money if you are not looking to purchase new hair. At Pieced London, we offer wig revamp services for wigs and hair purchased from us and also other hair providers

3. USE ESSENTIAL TOOLS & PRODUCTS - If you wear wigs there are essential wig tools and products you NEED. Our wig essential kit is filled with some essential tools/products for wig wearers, ensuring that your wig always looks laid. If you are to ask us what is one hair electrical appliance we can’t live without..it will be a HOTCOMB, a massive essential to slaying a good wig

4. STORE CORRECTLY - It is very important to store your wigs correctly to increase the lifespan. We recommend bags or designated draws. All our hair purchases come with a free satin bag - amazing for storing your wigs and keeping them intact and in the best condition, protecting the lace and hair quality

5. HAVE OPTIONS - We recommend having wig options and not wearing the same wig all the time. By rotating wigs, it contributes to the longevity. Good quality or not, wigs always need to be handled and worn with care especially where lace can be delicate. Pieced London have a number of wig and hair options for you to choose from. Discover the amazing looks created by some of our Pieced Babes

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